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  • Dunbar High School1

    Washington, DC | District Of Columbia County

    August 23, 2014

    Terrific staff and students! Enroll your children soon! This school is near Capitol Hill and H Street!

    October 21, 2013

    As a community member I am really loving the new building. even though I am not originally from the area, I feel that this high school give the community an uplift. Great Job DCPS.

    October 21, 2013

    I'm a graduate of Paul Laurence Dunbar Sr. High, I,graduated in 1981, when I was a student the parents & community were always deeply involved in the day to day functions, educational matter & the overall educational growth of the students attending, I feel that parents these days enroll their children into a school and don't follow up on what's going on with their children until reportcard time. Most of these children are raising themselves, some can't wait to get to school because of negative things occuring in the home. Back when I was attending the school, teacher, cousaelors & administrative staff all had a had in making sure we were well informed and were had all the tools neccessary to succeed. The department of education has a slogan NO CHILD LEFT BEHIND, well we all no that's not true most of the youth are more interested in getting paid that that the closest they come to any school is when they walk pass it, or see it out of the back window of a police vehicle, yeah its sad, but its true.

    January 2, 2012

    Well this is the real deal of Dunbar SHS in Washington dc. Now Dunbar is a really creative and outstanding school also if an parent has a son and would love for them to play sports Dunbar has really good sports also for girls cheerleader,so it would help the children do there work because while on the teams u have to have good grades. How ever this school has changed since I was there I graduated in 2009 prom was also good. It's a well educated and fun to go to. This school makes you continue and finish.also the teachers push yo or your child to walk a cross the stage. Dunbar is a wonderful pick to attend to.

    November 25, 2011

    For an inner city school, especially DCPS, Dunbar high offers highly qualified teachers and a great administration. The students are, on balance, an inquisitive group that strives for success. After a rough few years in recent news attracting negative attention, Dunbar is on its way to become a highlight in DCPS. In 2013, a new edifice willp open its doors. It will be the first of its kind. You have heard of LEED certified green schools, well this will be of platinum staus in the green category. There will be an arts and humanities academy, a STEM academy, and one of the only education academies in the country.

    Submitted by a teacher

    June 17, 2009

    Dunbar has potential to be a good school. Despite popular belief, most the students are eager and ready to learn, and most the teachers are amazing. Yes, there are a few students who are impossible to control, and yes there are a handful of teachers who need to be let go. But I reiterate . . . Dunbar could be a great school. Next year an outside company will take over, they have a heavy load on their plate. The first thing they need to bite into is the Infrastructure. The infrastructure alone is why I would never recommend this school to anyone. Parents need to know there are no walls. Other obstacles in Dunbar's way are fixable, so long as the company taking over listens to the teachers, parents, and students who are invested in the school.

    Submitted by a teacher

    November 14, 2008

    Now that the school has new teacher and under new mangement I think the school is going just great. It wasn't just the student out control the teacher were too! So give a little to get a little. Keep up the good work new staff

    Submitted by a parent

    April 8, 2008

    I attended and graduated form Dunbar in 2004 and I found the school to be quite exceptional. The curriculum was outstanding and the school has a variety of opportunities to offer teens. I agree with the other alumni where he stated'only the strong and smart will survive'. While I attended, security, teachers, and staff showed the love they had for each student individually. Entering, I was considered what you reviewers would call an 'out of control teen' but leaving I was a educated, young, black, teen parent with a vision of what I wanted in the future.

    Submitted by a student

    April 3, 2008

    Horrible school. Like most DC public schools, it is full of out-of-control teens, bad teachers, and a failing infrastructure. I don't understand how the nation's capital can have such a bad educational system.

    October 16, 2004

    I attended and grduated from Dunbar in 2001. I also agree that the school may not be the best academically, but it really helps you find yourself. It teaches how to deal with peer pressure, who you are and how to make wise decisions. You have to find a place for yourself at Dunbar. You are an adult there as opposed to some of the other high schools where you are sheltered and pamperd. Its a real inner city high school and only the strong and wise will survive.

    Submitted by a former student

    January 12, 2004

    Although the school has Security Officers present there is still a lack of control with the entry process. This can be fixed by adding another guard. This is an excellent school with excellent environment for young adults to develope a sense of themselves and prepare them for the future.

    Submitted by a parent

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